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Three Reasons Why Eating Unlimited Food Helps You Lose Weight
By Susan R. Halama, Graduate Student in Holistic Nutrition

Ask anyone who goes to Nick’s Pro Fitness Conditioning class: What are the keys to losing weight and keeping it off?
The simple answer: diet and exercise. Yeah, you get the exercise part. Workouts are tough and Nick demands a lot.
But what about the diet? Nick is forever touting the 3-2 diet which allows for three types of food- unlimited lean source meat and unlimited green vegetables, with moderate amounts of fruits. And Nick’s plan allows for two types of fluids – pure water and pure fruit juice.
But how would unlimited food help with weight loss?
Let’s break it down -
1. The lean source protein in meat is for repair. Pure and simple. During class, a student is breaking down fibers in muscles. Eating high protein supplies the body with ample repair product to rebuild muscle and each time, the muscle is built stronger and stronger. And guess what? The more muscle you gain, the more calories your body needs to operate, even during sleep!
2. The green vegetables are complex carbohydrates which supply energy during the day for all the activities of life – showering, working, thinking, sleeping and even the act of digesting complex carbohydrates!
3. And fruit and fruit juices? Fruit are carbs too, but ones that are burned off quicker than broccoli. It’s the source of energy that fuels you in the morning to get you going and propel you into class.
So how does all this reduce the bulge?  
When you are working so hard, your body uses excess carbs first and then it turns toward stored fat for the high energy demand. With the 3-2 diet, you’re not storing extra fat because your body is using up daily what you’re eating.
Think of it this way:
• The more muscle you gain, the faster you burn stored fat.
• The harder and longer the intensity of exercise, the more muscle you gain (if you’re eating enough protein).

Yeah, it’s a vicious cycle, but in a good way. Stick with the diet and the exercise and you’ll shed excess weight, gain muscle and be healthier all around.

Next post, let’s talk water. Are you drinking enough…Really…?

Thanks Susan for that great information!   I know I need that 3-2 diet with all the desk work I currently do - so I appreciate the 'gentle nudge' towards achieving a more fit body and more energy!  I'll keep you posted!

The recipes for the green drinks are found at this woman's blog - Beth from California -



Nick’s Laws of Success

1) Be relentless! Be Intense!
2) Change your Mindset – Be in Love with the Work!
3) Have a Routine – A Crucial Tool for Success
4) Self-Affirmations – Improve your Self-Esteem Daily
5) Enthusiasm Pays the Bills – (John Polumbi)
6) Read Success Books Daily – Make it Part of Your Routine (or listen to CD’s, Podcasts, etc. on success principles)
7) Read 30 Minutes a Day
8) Exercise with Intensity – Average doesn’t cut it
9) Have a Mentor
10) Find Ways to Motivate Yourself
11) Have an Attitude of Gratitude
12) Be the Best at What You Do - never stop striving for perfection!
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Interesting analogy after Nick's Pro Conditioning class today, he said, although they were not his words, he acts on this philosophy each day in class.  "Rock the Boat, so you can see what comes out."

Meaning, as his students, it is his responsibility to push each person to their highest intensity.  He will not allow us to push ourselves to our defined intensity, but as our teacher, he will guide us, encourage us and push us to our farthest limit.  

Will it be difficult?  Yes!  Will we mess up?  Yes!  Will we want to quit?  Maybe...but the fact remains that in our sacred space and in life we all face obstacles.

How you deal with those obstacles defines who you are and determines how successful you are.

Our job, our responsibility is to show up, leave our "stuff", our junk that we carry in our lives at the door and come prepared to "work"!  When our teacher asks us if we are ready to "work" it is our time to internally and externally shine with enthusiasm and respond, YES!

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In life staying on the path is often challenging.  There will always be times when we get close to the edge or nearly fall off.

Our practice, dedication and determination are what keep us moving forward.

Nick shared his personal struggle with us today.  Over the last several weeks he has been challenged and distracted.  With the recent passing of his mother, his practice has been effected.  He, more than any of us understands that practice is the only way to stay on the path.

He asked our group this morning if any of us knew what the "Do" in Taekwondo means?  It means, "way of."

Staying the path is our way of staying healthy, it is our way of taking our health into our own hands, it is our way of life.  It is our culture, it is our lifestyle.

Nick explained that in his class we are all White Belts, meaning we are all "pure and without the knowledge", which allows us the opportunity to continue to grow and become the best version of ourselves.
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From the moment you walk into Nick's "room", the space that has transformed many a lives you are instantly greeted with warmth and kindness.  

Nick is a 5th Degree Black Belt who is as humble as he is caring and genuinely concerned for one thing, your success.

As a newcomer you may feel intimidated, slightly fearful of what to expect, slightly shameful if you've let your body get out of shape.  But each person, kindly walks up and introduces themselves, no one comes into Nick's room with an ego, or sense of "I'm better than."

During my first class while enjoying the 45 minutes of stretching, folks were chatting and many came by to take a moment and share their personal journey about how long they've been taking the Peak Performer Conditioning class.  Some have been coming for 17 years, others only three weeks.  

The one thing that stood out was the dedication and passion each person had for their own experience, and the encouragement they gave to me, a perfect stranger.  

It was easy for them to relate to my almost passing out, or not being able to keep up, or feelings of nausea, because each had been right there, in my shoes, working through it.  It was easy for them to shout, "you've got this", "good job" or "I've been there."

There was a sweet message that resonated as a woman walked out the door on my first day of class, she said, "you walked through the door."  And as I thought about how sore I was, thinking how did I allow myself to get so out of shape, I kept repeating, you walked through the door, you walked through the door, you walked through the door.

And I will share with you, that walking through the door the first day was one of the hardest things I've done in a very long time.  Faced with personal fear that I wouldn't be able to do it, or that I wouldn't come back after the first class, or that my personal ailments would restrict my ability to perform, trust me my mind came up with a million reasons NOT to walk in the door, but I did.  

And perhaps, she didn't realize the impact of that simple statement, but it made all of the difference in the world.

It's baaaack!  December that is. With all its food, parties and non-stop festivities, December is a tough month for our fitness routines.   I remember once being at a happy hour and making the conscious decision to bid my workmates good bye and head off to the gym!  It really wasn't that hard to do - just remember - you have the choice and you have the power to choose healthy.  Have fun and enjoy the season, but doing it in a healthy and balanced way will give you the energy and strength you need to continue your good habits!   Here is a great website with some different routines to motivate your workouts!!  
Most of us here at Nick's know already the benefits of daily workouts, whether you go to Nick's Conditioning class, a yoga or group class, or hit the weights yourself.    Lifting weights, or even just using body weight, is such a great way to strengthen bones, increase balance and keep you energized.   I believe in taking responsibility to provide yourself with a daily dose of motivation to keep yourself focused on your goals, particularly your workout goals.  Hopefully this article will provide that daily dose for you today!      

What's your inspiration?  How do you "make it happen" on a daily basis?
Post it below and I will collect everyone's great ideas for being inspired and share on a future post!
Thanks!  Pilsung!!

  Here's to Dreaming Big and Making it Happen - Today!

None of us has it easy every day - fortunately we can come to Nick's Pro Fitness and connect with friends while working out our bodies...but we are also working our minds and our souls.....speak gently to yourself, encourage yourself, take time to meditate and breathe -    The Body-Mind connection is so powerful.    Here are two great articles, plus a TED Talk on the subject!  Enjoy and share!!



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